Early Childhood (Birth-Kindergarten)

Kids Resources

Every child that participates in the Village Kids’ Early Childhood Ministry will discover God’s love and the importance of the Bible.  Lessons, snacks, music, and interactive activities are all age appropriate and designed for young children.            

How do I check-in a child?
If you have children and are visiting for the first time, we encourage you to come early in order to register them for any kids’ classes.  You may enter in the East (side) entrance of the building.  Registration and check-in are done through an electronic kiosk system.  Two stickers will be printed– one for the child and one for you to give to the teacher when you pick-up your child.  After your first time registering, you’ll then be able to simply type the child’s last name into the kiosk.  New name tag stickers are printed each time you check-in. 

What if my child is potty-training?
All preschool classrooms have a restroom with an age appropriate toilet.  We ask that you remind your child’s teacher that the he or she is potty-training so they know to ask the child occasionally.

What if my child has a food allergy?
When you fill out your registration form, there is a place to note any allergies or specific needs that your child may have.  We do not allow any nuts into children’s classrooms; gluten-free snacks are available.  If a teacher brings in a snack that correlates with the lesson, we first verify that no child has an allergy to that food.

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