"The Promise" Expansion Campaign

Coming Soon! This page will be dedicated to building and construction updates throughout the expansion.

The Promise Brochure

Click Here for Image of Master Site Plan

  • Why name the campaign The Promise?
    The Promise is based on a verse of Scripture found in Acts 2:39: “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.”  This is at the end of the Apostle Peter’s sermon when he preached about Jesus’ recent death, burial, and resurrection and the crowd asks him how they should respond to the gospel.  Peter instructed the listeners to repent and be baptized.  Then he gives this promise that transcends time and applies to even our generation.
  • What will be included in the project called The Promise?
    The master site plan designed by Visioneering Studios is an overall comprehensive plan showing the potential uses of Tri-Village’s property for the future.  The first phase anticipates a Children’s Wing and expects to include a west parking lot, new entrance for children and their families, a drive extending around the church building, multiple classrooms for children, and a special needs/sensory room.
  • Why not build a larger sanctuary first?   
    While we see increased attendance in the sanctuary at all three worship services, the current children’s area is inadequate to serve the attendance increase in all age groups likely resulting from a new, larger sanctuary.  We don’t want to build a sanctuary to hold hundreds more until we are able to address spacing needs for children.  Building the children’s wing first will enable us to have the infrastructure in place for a new sanctuary.  It is anticipated that immediately following the completion of this new children’s wing, a campaign will begin to build a new sanctuary.  [One of the areas currently being evaluated now is the possible addition of a fourth worship service.] 
  • Has our growth necessitated such a project?     
    The trend for the calendar year of 2023 is showing a 25-30% increase in overall
    worship attendance compared to the previous calendar year.  Additionally, almost 30% of our overall attendance is children, 5th grade and under.   
  • What was our debt when we did the last capital campaign (Café, Kids’ Clubhouse, and Chapel)?  
    When that project was started, we had a debt of $1.7 million and the new construction cost was approximately $4 million, with the debt rising to $3.3 million.  Due to the congregation’s continued generosity since the completion of that project in 2017, the debt has been reduced to $780,000.
  • What if we don’t raise the full amount needed for new construction?     
    We won’t know the estimated cost of Phase 1 until early 2024.  While we could ideally raise commitments to that level financially, we are preparing a loan package with Christian Financial Resources for financing.  CFR holds our current mortgage and is willing to work with us on a new mortgage.  The more we can pay in advance of the construction being completed, the more money we will save in the long term with interest. 
  • When will we break ground and what is the timeline for completion?     
    Groundbreaking would tentatively be late fall of 2024, depending on final construction drawings, approval for final permits, and the bidding process.  Visioneering Studios will be the main overseer of the project.  They are anticipating 14-16 months of construction, giving a completion date of early 2026. 
  • When will we know exact details of the children’s wing in terms of square footage, number of classrooms, etc.?     
    Visioneering Studios is preparing to start the construction drawings in early 2024 and with revisions to meet budget guidelines will take approximately 4-6 months.  The goal is to have new schematics of the proposed construction by late spring. 
  • Since this is a capital campaign to raise funds for new construction, how does that work?  
    The campaign is a 30-month financial commitment to the church for this specific project.  It would officially begin on July 1, 2024, and then end in December 2026.
    It is very important that financial commitments for this project be “over and above” a person’s regular giving and tithing to the church’s general fund.  We will be asking members and attendees to pray about an amount they can commit for this time period.  While each gift amount will vary, a theme will be “equal sacrifice.”
    The commitment Sunday will be Sunday, May 19, 2024, and the total committed will be announced on Sunday, June 2, 2024. 
  • Can I give prior to the official beginning of the campaign (July 1, 2024)?
    Yes.  While the campaign covers a period of three calendar years (2024-2026), some might be able to give this year (2023) or have a situation where they might need to extend their commitment beyond 2026.  In either case, the gifts for The Promise can be given online in the box marked “The Promise” or it can be noted on the memo line of the check. 
  • What are ways I can participate?   
    Prayer!  We need prayer for Visioneering Studios and their staff working on the construction drawings; prayer for those who will be directly involved in the construction process and for those overseeing it; prayer for the finances to be provided; and prayer for the church leaders to be discerning in all the decisions that will need to be made.  A project like this is very intense and time-consuming!
    Tell others.  Tri-Village is seeing a surgency of growth in many areas and that is because many are sharing about what God is doing here.  Keep sharing about the opportunities to grow one’s faith here.
    Be involved in the children’s ministry.  If 30% of our worship attendance is children, that says a great deal about TVCC values and how God keeps sending young families to us.  With the increase of these young families, we need people – with children and whose children are already grown – to be willing to volunteer in this vital area.
    Commit financially to the project.  No gift is too small!  This campaign is not about what only one person can do but what one body of believers can do collectively by embracing one of our values, “sacrificial faith.”  There is no one person or small contingency of givers “standing in the wings” ready to underwrite this project. 
  • What will this project ultimately do for TVCC and the Kingdom of God?  How will it impact the future?     
    Since we are seeing a huge increase in the overall number of families attending Tri-Village and a large majority of those with children, to not build at this time would begin to stifle what God is already doing.  We want to join with Him and allow the growth to continue.   
    With Tri-Village being blessed by many acres of land, the number of families we can reach is incredible!  What we have today, in regards to property and facilities, was imagined by a group of congregants over 30 years ago.  Did they know exactly what it would do and provide?  No; but they ventured in faith together and committed to praying for, giving to, and planting seeds where God could provide the increase.   Let’s do it again!  
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