We believe that every person is on a spiritual journey. Click on the link below for the area(s) in which you are interested.  You can also fill-out the form at the bottom of this page.  Don't hesitate to contact Connections Coordinator  if you have questions.

Are you ready to be baptized, place membership, or simply have questions about either step? We're here to help! Simply fill out the form below and a staff member will be in touch to help answer questions (or if you desire) guide you through the process of scheduling your baptism or placing membership.

We believe that every person has been given at least one talent from God that can make a difference.  These God-given talents are best used within the context of a ministry.  Take a moment and view the different ministries.  We encourage you to then complete the form below.  If you need help finding a ministry that would be a good fit or need additional information, contact Connections Coordinator  .

We encourage individuals to be involved in both a ministry and Life Group or Focus Group on a regular basis.  Life and Focus Groups change frequently so check the Group Finder for the latest info. 

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