Dinner Groups

Dinner Groups are a great way to connect and meet people in a casual setting!  There are three group types from which to choose: Out to Eat only, In-Home only, or Variety.  All groups will only meet three times during September/October so it's a limited commitment.  Due to a goal of connecting with new people, one of the exciting parts is that no one will know who is in their group prior to meeting.  

When will I find out when my group will be meeting?
Your dinner group coordinator will be contacting you the last week in August with details and confirm your schedule.  If you'd be willing to coordinate a group, simply indicate it on the sign-up below.

If I have children, are they able to attend?
This fall, we are adding a family option for those that would like to sign-up who have kids.  We also need group coordinators for all types of groups so please consider being a coordinating if you're able.

How do I sign-up for a group?
Just fill out the form below!

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